About Us

About Us

The Berkley Experience was founded when several likeminded partners purchased the Berkley Manor and surrounding estate in 2012 in order to save the property from demolition and development. Since the 1950’s Ocracoke locals and visitors alike have used the Berkley as an event venue. The original owner, Sam Jones, used the facilities to entertain wealthy business clients and throw community events. Even as it changed hands, it remained a popular location to hold special events- from weddings to prom! So it only made sense that we should continue that tradition of being the premier Ocracoke Island event venue.

Since 2012 we have grown by leaps and bounds thanks to our many wonderful guests and to this day strive to provide the highest quality service to each and every customer. In the spring of 2015 we officially re-opened the Berkley kitchen through a partnership with Zillies Island Pantry in order to provide guest with exquisite in-house catering options.

2016-2017 has brought with it many more exciting additions. During this time, we’ve been adding back original Berkley buildings which were demolished over the years. These include the Berkley Barn, which was originally used to house Sam Jones’s horses, but from the mid 1970’s-2001 was the main and only location for large parties and events on Ocracoke. While it won’t be an exact replica, it will be in the same location, and will serve the same purpose; provide an outdoor event pavilion for Berkley guests and Island events. Currently in order to hold a large event on Ocracoke one must rent many costly tents, bathroom trailers, etc… The Berkley Barn will provide a beautiful yet rustic alternative to the current costly and time intensive undertaking of all those rentals.

Also demolished in the early 2000’s was the additional lodging facility located adjacent to the Manor. Just like the Berkley Barn, we are currently working on constructing the modern version of this facility. Once completed, it will be a large 6-bedroom facility, which will allow us to provide a more all-inclusive experience.

Berkley Facilities

Berkley Manor – The Manor is the only surviving original Berkley building. Encompassing over 7500 square feet, it is reminiscing of a 1950’s era elegant, yet rustic lodge. Built with all hardwood floors, cyprus wood walls and ceilings, and cedar shakes on the exterior, it is a warm and stunningly beautiful centerpiece to the estate. Featuring 4 fireplaces, 5 bedrooms, 6.5 baths, a lounge room complete with leather furniture, full commercial kitchen, dinning room with seating for up to 40, and a widow’s watch with the best sunset views on Ocracoke.

Berkley Barn – This is Ocracoke’s only outdoor event pavilion. This 3000 square foot facility is able to accommodate up to 275 guests, and features a tongue and groove wood floor, high arching ceilings, a solid back wall, and the front and sides which can be completely opened to a sprawling deck for nice days. It is not climate controlled, but has large fans for warm season events, and gas heaters along with the large real working fireplace for winter events. All tables, chairs, and dinnerware are included in your rental.

Berkley Suites – The newest lodging accommodations on Ocracoke, the Berkley Suites is located adjacent to the Berkley Manor and features a look and feel much the same as the Manor. Encompassing 3000 square feet it includes three 2-room suites and 3 bathrooms.

Berkley Grounds – A key element that makes the Berkley Estate so special is the tremendous size of the grounds. With over 3 acres of land, plus a dock on Silver Lake, there just is no other space this size on the Outer Banks. While it is located directly adjacent to Silver Lake, the native cedars and oaks provide seclusion from the busy village. Close enough to the village to walk to all restaurants and accommodations yet secluded enough to feel intimate! Our team works tirelessly to provide beautiful year round landscaping, flowers, and elegance to the Berkley grounds.